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5 ways Short videos can help you build your brand

With Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, the reach of short videos on international systems is increasing by the day. While creators are first in line to make the most of such opportunities; brands too have a great deal to gain if they were to start Implementing such touchpoints.

While Stories are utilized for a more spontaneous storytelling; the Reels are somewhat on the curation facet of the content creation process. It is snackable although not ephemeral, making it very different experience/product from Facebook. Iam seeing plenty of content around music/lip sync, comedy sketches, food and tutorials.

A few likely YouTube Shorts use cases we discovered it might be best used to place up educational content; which explains real life conditions that may be resolved by the mark in question. Announcements, giveaways, content and brand involvement activities might also be planned with the aid of such brief videos. Shorts may be utilized to make swift adjustments to brand voice and persona.

Show your human side

Your brand is composed of individuals, that each has a story and a reason to be part of your company. A number of those videos are certain to be such that they help your consumers/customers feel close to your brand’s ethos.

You can give space to your visitors to tell their stories and interact with your followers. To portray a slightly candid and yet strong presence on Instagram; Mumbai Police had put a Reel constituting a masked police officer wearing spectacles from the background of a Singham song. It helped add a coating of infotainment to the communication; whilst making sure the message got through in a palatable manner. The imagery of a real cop was key to it.

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Collaborate for content

Getting influencers on board to make short videos could work well, particularly whether you’ve a particular reason at the time.

It might be about a product an advocacy campaign where you invite relevant people to be your voice. In case they’re going to share content on their personal profiles as well; ensure you make two separate pieces to maximise the impact.

Educate your followers

Virtually every business comes into presence attempting to address a problem. In several cases, individuals have to even be told about the problem’s existence in the first location. This is where short videos might help a brand assert their importance without being overbearing about the subject available. You may add a subtle CTA to push conversions.

A number of brands have been going the Do it yourself way to maintain the attention of their users. Such videos normally have soft background music and describe a task being completed in a simple fashion. They either feature hands or use the stop motion technique to emphasize the stages of said task. Lately, Byju’s had shared a Reel to show a very simple way to make marbled milk newspaper.


Reporting and running campaigns through short videos can assist brands. Its a great way to draw clients attention. This can work very well on account of effective discussions where individuals are as of now keen on knowing more and are likely looking for the equivalent. So notwithstanding actually being a push, it can fill in as a force.

Get found

Short recordings can possibly drive commitment without the individual on the less than desirable end contributing an excess of time or exertion. The correspondence is quick and simple to devour. On their part; stages are pushing for an ever increasing number of individuals to make and devour such pieces. Hence possibly helping brands get found through short recordings.

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