Digital Marketing – The fashion that never fades

Digital Marketing – The fashion that never fades

Digital Marketing – The fashion that never fades

Those of you born in the 90’s would remember the endless rows of banners and posters in the street announcing the birth of a product. The tall billboards never failed to garner attention. Pamphlets were a boon to the kids who used to make paper planes or boats of them. And flyers seldom served the purpose for inviting customers to the inauguration of a new shop.

Digital Marketing – The fashion that never   fades


Advertising in the good old days was just a way to sell an idea, without paying heed to build long-term relations with the consumer. But just as time changes with the tides, the arena of advertising, too, has undergone a revolution. The same customers who used to get attracted towards billboards, now, view the same as ‘Oh God, another distraction!’ Such exasperated remarks are no wonder in this new age of digital marketing.

An age where people spend more time on the internet than on the TV or out of their home, digital marketing has opened unprecedented opportunities for marketers to sell their products online. Unaffected by time and space and immune to the phenomenon of being labelled ‘outdated’, the internet has opened new dimensions that were never even thought of back in the days of our grandma and grandpa (a reason to feel proud of and tell stories about the same to them!)

Online Marketing

In this online platform for giving a huge leap to one’s business, the businessmen are the real gainers and consumer is the king. Given its boundless radius of influence, if you want to promote/sell your idea/product/service digitally, it is recommended you take the advice of digital marketing expertsto ensure that you’re investing time, effort and money in the proper direction. Some of the proven advantages of digital marketing over those of the traditional methods are:

  • As there is no geographical restriction on the web, you can target customers worldwide.
  • You save a lot of money as compared to advertising OOH or on TV.
  • The response rates can be measured in real-time.
  • It is possible to stay connected to the target audience.
  • Education or entertainment or both, you have the freedom to decide which strategy to opt for.
  • You can target the right customers on the basis of demographics and psychographics.
  • It is possible to keep track of how many people view your ads online.
  • A blessing in disguise to create brand awareness and brand loyalty.
  • Easy to divide the audience according to parameters like age, gender, occupation, etc.
  • The most sought-after tool for gathering reviews and feedback for your product.

Unlike the degenerative stages that a society goes through, digital marketing is the fashion that can never go out of style, something whose impact can never fade. And if you are targeting to expand your business and build a thriving empire in the near future, it is high time you started using the internet for serving the purpose.