Facebook Changes Image Sizes for Posts Shown in the Mobile News Feed

Facebook Changes Image Sizes for Posts Shown in the Mobile News Feed

Facebook is changing the Aspect ratio of the photos and videos shown in the news feeds of mobile devices. It is also limiting the amount of text shown in a mobile news feed post.

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So what does this mean to a Social Media Marketer?

If you are in process of optimizing the posts for Facebook the following are the new specifications you need to apply. These changes are not to be applied immediately but will be live from 19th August 2019. As a marketer you need to be more crisp in the content that you are using.

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Find out what exactly is changing

Facebook is reducing the maximum media height for photos and videos. Now it will be 2:3 aspect ratio from 4:5 on mobile News Feed. Taller media having aspect ratio more than 4:5 will be masked; and users will have to click to see it in full.

Lesser Text

The amount of content which currently shown is of 7 lines which will be reduced to 3 lines. If the post has more than 3 lines; then users will be prompted to click to view the additional 4 lines.

What Facebook Says

Facebook says these changes are “designed to simplify our formats and improve the consistency of our mobile experience.” The company believes these changes will increase the effectiveness of ads and make it easier to use the same assets across Facebook and Instagram.