Facebook has removed its Ad Relevancy score

Facebook has announced it’ll Remove its ad relevance score as part of a broader switch to a more granular, applicable ad metrics to help improve performance. As per Facebook: as opposed to measure value in one metric, during the next few months, we’ll replace value score with 3 new, more granular advertisement importance diagnostics metrics. Comparable to value score, these ad relevance diagnostics aren’t factored into an ad’s operation from the auction. We think this level of granularity provides reporting that is more actionable for companies.” . Facebook initially established its ad relevancy rate back in 2015 to provide advertisers with insight in their ad performance, and also what they could expect.

Facebook Ad Relevancy Score

Relevance score is calculated based on the negative and positive feedback we anticipate an advertisement to get from its target audience. The more positive interactions we anticipate an advertisement to get, the higher the ad’s value score will be. The more times we expect individuals to conceal or report an advertisement, the lower its score will be.” . The theory behind the score was to help advertisers create better advertisements, with Facebook’s insights, and also to enhance advertisement performance – the greater an ad’s value score is, the less it’ll cost to be delivered”.

However, Facebook now says that the single metric does not offer enough actionable insight, which explains precisely why its shifting to a more thorough measurement option. The new metrics that will be supplied are:

Quality Ranking

How your ad’s perceived quality compared with ads competing for the same audience.

Engagement Rate Ranking

How your ad’s expected engagement rate compared with ads competing for the same audience.

Conversion Speed Ranking

How your ad’s expected rate of conversion compared with advertisements that had the exact same optimization target and also competed for the same audience. The additional detail will allow more specific concentrate on each part of your ad – imaginative, targeting and post click – to help concentrate on the important areas to enhance, that will assist advertisers better understand their comparative campaign performance.

Additionally to this, Facebook can also be eliminating six advertising figures and replacing them with much more actionable data points. Individuals being removed are:

Offers Saved and Cost Per Offers Saved

Facebook will replace these metrics with a fresh Post Saves measure, that will serve as a more comprehensive metric for measuring when advertisements are being saved. Post Saves will pay for both of those metrics, while providing more complete insight into such response.

Messaging Replies and Cost per Messaging Reply

Facebook’s replacing these metrics with New Messaging Connections and Messaging Conversations Started’. Businesses will continue to be capable to measure responses within new or present conversations, but the upgraded data points will concentrate on new conversions which have been started with individuals who’ve never communicated with their business before, and the messaging conversations that started following a period of inactivity.

Mobile App Purchase ROAS and Internet Purchase ROAS

Facebook’s Return on Ad Spend insights will now be aggregated throughout channels – before, Facebook’s ROAS metrics were station specific. Facebook claims that because the path to buy has become more omni station, its own ROAS measurement will be beneficial when consolidated into one, holistic ROAS purchase metric. The changes are designed to provide a more useful information based on comments from Facebook advertisers and the way they’re really using Facebook ads. A few use cases here are quite specific, so the impact will be relative, but it’s well worth noting all the changes and considering how they factor into your Facebook ad measurement.

Facebook is updating its ad metrics, and providing new tools and refinements to help improve transparency, and help companies generate better results. This obviously benefits advertisers, however it also helps Facebook, in that by providing insight into the particular functionality and benefits it can encourage further ad spend. The ad quality metrics aren’t definitive, but they’ll assist improve your on platform ad performance, and help you know your individual ad reach. Facebook’s new ad performance metrics will be rolled out over the next couple weeks, with value score being removed as of April 30th.

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