Speak Out Newspaper: Launching Pad For Budding Writers

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Date: September 30th 2012

News Paper: Speak Out

Speak Out Newspaper, Rohit N Shetty

First Step Publishing is a newly formed publishing firm. The company’s motto “Paving Ways For New Writers” is to provide new upcoming writers a similar platform as that of established writers and give the readers with good books and wholesome satisfaction at affordable prices. A Launch pad for new talent. We are looking to work in all genres Fiction, Non Fiction , Autobiography, Children, Poetry, Romance, Short Stories, Thrillers Teens etc. First Step Publishing is both creative and progressive in its vision and publishing foci. Minds@Work a new concept started by First Step Publishing wherein First Step accepts entries from writers and a select few gets published in a compilation of book of prose and verses thus ensuring that the company works on its principles “Paving Ways For New Writers” This unique concept has reached new heights when First Step Publishing started receiving entries not only from India but also from countries like Spain and China making this concept a global phenomenon.
First Step Publishing is formed for new writers to get their work out in the market. Our team comprises of Engineers and Designers, people worked in various fields and Entrepreneurs. A new set of ambitious people working for bringing up the hidden talent in the field of writing.

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