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Microsoft Lists SEO as the Most Important Hard Skill for Marketers

A study published by Microsoft aims to identify the most crucial trends in marketing for the 2020s.

The study contains a section on trends in marketing skills, with lists of the most crucial skills for marketers over the next decade. on top of the list of important hard skills is internet internet internet search engine optimization.

Data from the study is based on a LinkedIn poll conducted by Microsoft with 600 global senior marketer participants.

According to survey results, the most crucial skills for marketers to have in the 2020s are the following.

Hard skills:

  • SEO
  • Data analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Automation

Soft skills:

  • Creativity
  • Humility
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Transparency

Other Important Search Marketing Trends

Here are a few other insights from Microsoft’s report which are specifically related to search marketing.

Search advertisements that don’t lead to webpages

Microsoft suggests that a brand new form of search advertising might emerge which doesn’t direct users to webpages at all:

“Think of an interactive ad asking you to “Choose Your Own Adventure” then responding with additional interaction or next step based on your choice. In search, this kind of interaction could start to replace the practice of clicking on through to a webpage or content download.”

Media mashups and mutations

Microsoft predicts digital media platforms will consolidate to create new advertising offerings:

“Display + Native + Search will converge to build new on-line advertising solutions which were previously in siloes.”

Visual discovery

Another trend to watch for, according to Microsoft, is a search experience powered by visuals as opposed to text and links:

“We’re addicted to screens and our eyeballs are searching for a brand new thrill factor — one that takes us beyond links and text, and is powered by images… How easy would it be if you take a picture of something you want as opposed to attempting to search for it using words?“

If you’re reading this you’re likely ahead of the curve already with regards to Search engine optimization. You can enhance that skillset and remain an asset to clients with proficiency in either of the other top skills.

For instance, Search engine optimization and data analysis practically go hand-in-hand, as interpreting data is essential for measuring the success of a campaign. Adding a skill like behavioural analysis might be the next step, as it’ll assist with understanding not only what users are doing by why they’re doing it.

Automation comes into play to some extent in Search engine optimization, though not just as much as copywriting does. Sites need textual content in order to rank in search results page, and good copywriting skills could make the distinction between a user staying on the site or abandoning it.

Read the complete Report Here

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