Effects of Social Media on youth

Effect of Social Media on the youth

Effect of Social Media on the youth.

Social media refer to all applications and web sites that allow people around the world to interconnect. The most common method of social communication being chat, video, world wide web etc. For an individual to be a member of any social network, she or he has to signup. After a user becomes capable to share and chat with some other users of the social network platform. A few of the common and widely used social network platforms comprise Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat many of others.

Social Media

The rise of Social Media

Over the past 2 decades, social media network have accumulated a lot of growth and fame globally. Therefore researchers are now intrigued in learning more about these social programs and their effects on the community. Regardless of the fact that nearly everybody in the community is connected to a minimum of one social network platform; both the youth and teens are the leading and most enthusiast of those social programs to the point they stay online while in class or perhaps in church. According to researchers these social sites have an impact on the life of the youth with regards to morality, behavior and even education.

The Social Media Addiction

Spending extended hours chatting in social network sites also decreases productivity among the youths. This in turn results in the youths to not be self dependent. They rather depend on their families and parents for upkeep. Productive activities can be carried out from the extended hours wasted on-line on social networks. This may allow one earn a living or perhaps acquire an education; for example, through on-line tutorials and also make decent use of on-line research materials. Social network also gives a good stage in which cyber theft and bullying is done. This increases the likelihood and incidences of identity theft.

This has a number of dangers to the youths as their personal info may get stolen. This information is stored in some public domain whose security isn’t known or is questionable.


To conclude, social network has been proved to have both negative and positive effects on our youths. Folks should make a decision whether or not to go on utilizing the websites or discontinue or perhaps moderate on their usage. Parents ought to direct and advise their kids on hot topics like the use of social network. They can also warn them of its own damaging impacts to them when abused or overused. The education curriculum should be revised to contain social network studies. This in-turn would help students  to be mindful in their social network usage.

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