Creating Brand Addicts

How to create Brand Addicts with Social Media?

How to create Brand Addicts with Social Media?

Nothing can compete with the waves of euphoria and satisfaction created by online marketing using social media. If you have an effective modus operandi, are telling a story, and are using the proper mode of communication, you are sure to get the required audience reaction.

Creating Brand Addicts

But how do you create brand addicts using social media?

The importance of effective branding

With the exhilarating rise of social media, it is important to connect with the audience not just offline but also online. And because there are competitors at every corner, you need to further refine your strategy and go the extra mile to set yourself apart from the rest.

An effective branding strategy makes you accessible to your audience. The more engaged you are with the people, the more manageable, interactive, exposed and renowned is your brand. Since marketing is no longer restricted to dry, traditional methods but also demands a touch of emotions and ethics, brands need to recognize that adding an element of human touch goes a long way in making a better impression.

Mantras for generating brand addicts

Having stressed on the importance of effective branding, how do you generate loyal brand fans and followers?

  • Have a clear vision in mind. Be sure of what you are doing and what results do you aim to achieve at the end of the activity.
  • Think from the recipients’ perspective. Ask yourself, ‘Am I going the right way?’, ‘Will I like to read such content?’, ‘How likely am I to respond to such strategies?’ etc.
  • Make content personalized. Do not follow a one-size-fits-all mantra and tailor your content according to the age/gender/race/community/nationality etc you are targeting.
  • Give visually appealing content. Graphics, images, gifs, and emojis give a better user satisfaction experience over dull, plain content.
  • Maintain the fine line of distinction between branding and over-branding. Too much of anything, even advertising or marketing, is poison and reflects negative outcomes.
  • Dissipate content that your audience is interested in. Do not expect users to like your tastes; rather make the audience your priority when planning your strategy.
  • Keep your ears and eyes open to client inquiries and audience engagement. Reply to messages, emails and take negative feedback as an opportunity to improve upon.
  • Measure results from time to time to ensure that your efforts are channelled in the right direction. If the outcome is not as expected, identify the weak areas and tweak your plan accordingly.

Now that you know the essential mantras for creating brand addicts using social media, you are ready to go on your own. Remember that branding without a human touch is like tea without sugar; it is devoid of all essence and character. Therefore, humanize your activities and keep your audience engaged and entertained.

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