Revolution Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Revolution by Rohit N Shetty

Revolution Of Digital Marketing

What’s Digital Marketing? Today nearly 80% of all the websites that we consume comes from digital channels. Massive internet use and electronic media has given rise to a brand-new advertising concept called Digital Online Marketing. With assistance from internet and mobile devices customer now possess access to information from everywhere on earth. Advertisers now utilize digital tactics to draw and convert audiences online. This new age marketing methods can help to gain good reputation which is vital for a business to survive. With the aid of digital online marketing one can reach many clients at a very little marketing budget.

It is possible to measure the success of a Digital Advertising Campaign using Analytical Instruments like Google Analytics unlike conventional methods of marketing. . Ever year more and more entrepreneurs put aside traditional advertising and focus on this particular approach. Accomplish successful advertising campaigns  by integrating conventional methods with the digital online advertising techniques.. Common methods of digital online advertising

Email Marketing by Rohit ShettyEmail Marketing

One of the most widely used methods of online marketing is Email Marketing.. Email advertising enhances business communication, cost efficient and Eco friendly. Send a message to a group of individuals by the use of email. It is an efficient way to remain connected with your audience whilst promoting your company. Besides that, it is also among the simplest ways to achieve your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

It is a natural manner of optimizing your on-line content to enhance the ranking of your site online search engine. Ranking of a website is dependent on many factors like title, keyword, relevance etc. Search engine optimization can help make sure your website is available and enhance the probability of being found by the internet search engine. Achieve on page optimization  by integrating conventional methods with the digital online advertising techniques. .

Off page optimization involves factors which are beyond the most control of your website. The primary goal of link building is to get other web sites Links to yours to enhance SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

When someone searches for info or some keyword, Search Engine Marketing makes sure that your website appears on top of internet search engine results. A few elements of Search Engine Marketing include ad auction, bid and quality score. Your maximum bid for a key word with an excellent quality score determines your ad position.

Pay Per Click

PPC Campaigns is the quickest way to reach your intended audience . You pay every time when someone clicks on your ad. For example if you pay 1 rupee per click and once one thousand people click your ad it’ll cost you one thousand rupees. Based on the Click Through Rate (CTR)  the performance of your advertising campaign is determined. Since it costs money it is Appropriate for companies that sell product or services.

Social Media Marketing a digital revolution Social Media Marketing

The process of advertising through various social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is known as Social Media Marketing.

The Digital Revolution also marks the beginning of the Information Era.
Therefore, the new way of marketing demands new skills, including advanced analytics, high technology and data management. Hence, Digital Marketing will surely change the way your company works.