Brand communication trends that will define 2021

2020 has been nothing short of a train wreck. We’ve been throughout the unthinkable and surely, this can be an event which will be spoken about for hundreds of years hereafter. This has been a year of several recalibrations — placing the concentrate on health, family, environment, psychological well-being and more to the point, remote working.

Until the year is finished, we may’t say the same about the outbreak; and therefore the sentiments of this year will reverberate through 2021 as well. Be it on social network or mainline advertising, here are some themes that we see continuing in communications within the following year.


Facebook dropped a whole new button around ‘care’ to allow users to show empathy and service towards each other. Rather than blatantly talking of their goods, brands are promoting the encounter that the goods can offer to make these tough times seem better. From grooming videos to home workout videos, brands are helping consumers look after their physical and psychological health. This was a judgment theme for 2020 and will continue to take centre stage. Brands will probably form their communication to display increased empathy and could do well to build in more personal touch in their service and delivery model.

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Family bonds

The start of the pandemic saw people spend more time and have greater shared experience with their immediate family; while also re-establishing connections with their relatives. Nevertheless, the prolonged work from your home civilization has started showing its effects. From missing your family back home to being with them 24×7 is a change that feels just like mixed blessings. There are plenty of ways that narratives may be constructed around this change which range from emotional to feel good to funny; each hitting home and establishing an authentic connection with the audience. We anticipate a good deal of stories around this theme.


Millennials have been charged with being too obsessed with the past, but let’s face it who isn’t? In case the heavy influx of period dramas and movies on OTT platforms isn’t any indicator; nostalgia and neighborhood, earthy stories are what rule the roost. Looking back, one thing that’s really hitting home is the increasing lack of human connection and the older way of life. Nostalgia around the latest past and the previous decades would unquestionably be a theme for 2021. Whether it’s user created content or brand communication, nostalgia is a flavour to savor.


Hospitality took a big turn when Airbnb changed its story to concentrate on experiences around us. With constraints on traveling and socializing avenues, finding all things digital and local has become the the newest trend. Individuals are also increasingly finding new interests and hobbies with their time indoors. While Zoom fatigue is a real thing, individuals are making the vast majority of their time to indulge in something new. We see that as an important theme for conversations on-line.


The WHO has warned that pandemics could get way more common and dangerous if we continue destroying our planet. Consumers are getting very vocal about what they require and what they care about. With rising concern for the environment and therefore the future, consumers want brands to adopt more sustainable means of doing business. Few products on ecommerce giant have already embraced reduced packaging. Brands which will take the leap to project themselves as environmentally conscious are bound to earn more brownie points with the buyer.

With these broad indications, 2021 surely appears like a year to observe out for. Let’s stay glued to ascertain what comes up next!

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