Chatbots and Rise of conversational AI chat bots

Chatbots Digital Marketer Rohit N Shetty

Bots are the Upcoming big Factor in brand Participation and CX

Chatbots! Consumer / Digital Experience taken to a new level. Need a ride? Search for Uber from Facebook Messenger tap the vehicle icon, and you’re on your way. Desire a pizza? Simply send a tweet or Facebook message to your pizzeria. Tell the chatbot you want pepperoni on it. Or bacon. Or anything you prefer. Lifestyle for consumers, doesn’t Can it be?

chatbots - Digital Marketer Rohit N Shetty

What’s a chatbot?

You may think of chatbots as Intelligent Assistants that help users perform a desired action. But that might be grossly undervaluing them. Chatbots are real-time, qualitative answer engines that talk in natural language and are context aware. Microsoft Chief executive officer Satya Nadella calls this “conversation as a platform” and has centered their approach around the concept. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, chatbots mimic human dialog to deliver a uniquely personalized client experience.

No, bots don’t substitute human communication. They do, but replace app-hopping and embarrassing interactions with automated phone operators, both of which may be tiring experiences for consumers.

Chat bots are like human-centered technology that makes it easier and faster for clients to use your services. Chatbots deliver client value in both sales and the engagement side and boost your hard-won client relationships.

Conversational commerce

There’s a developing trend where brands and businesses are trying to interact with consumers through conversational interfaces, like Facebook Messenger bots, leveraging consumers’ adore for messaging applications, the convenience offered by cellular, and latest advances in artificial intelligence. Regardless if you’re hailing a taxi cab, ordering food delivery, buying movie tickets, tracking your transactions, getting health advice, or shopping for the most recent fashions, commerce experiences are becoming more conversational and clients are loving it. Brands, small or big, across sectors, such as the many conservative finserv businesses and banks are re-engineering the Client Journey by embracing chatbots. But may you use them, you ask?

5 Easy and slick conversational commerce use cases to gear up your CX

  • Client support–let chatbots assist your clients place orders by using their most favoured social messaging platforms and make pertinent recommendations, before supplying to complete the Purchase
  • Improve e-commerce experiences by introducing a conversational port that answers client queries about goods, assists with searching catalogs, and reduces human agent interaction
  • It gives your clients the capability to get assistance without disrupting their travel leaving your mobile application, game, or on-line experience by allowing access from within those adventures
  • Offer a conversational and next-gen navigational experience to clients instead of which makes them locate info through a search tab or drop-down menu

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