LinkedIn Adds New Meeting Planner Tools Within it Messaging Stream

Linkedin Marketing Blog By Rohit N Shetty

LinkedIn Planner tools. Linkedin has added some new options that will make it simpler for users to plan in person meet ups without having to switch away from its messaging flow.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Lots of you’ve shared that you frequently Manage appointments with the people you chat with in LinkedIn Messenger. We know that programming can frequently be a hassle; you need to change back and forth between programs to look at your calendar, copy and paste several time slots, then coordinate with the other person. Therefore LinkedIn has streamline this process. You can now share your availability directly in a conversation you are having in the LinkedIn messaging app.

Linkedin Planning Tool

As you can tell in the above example flow, by tapping on the new accessibility option inside the message composer flow, you can now access the calendar, then choose the open time slots you want to propose. LinkedIn also notes that, soon, you will also be capable to check and see if your proposed time works, and deliver a confirmation. LinkedIn’s new process uses a calendar day view system developed for this purpose. This may allow users to mention their current calendar systems on their device through LinkedIn, which means you will not need to build a whole new LinkedIn calendar only to ease this process.

Linkedin Location

And once you find the ideal time, you might even use LinkedIn’s Location option within messaging to propose a place to meet, further simplifying real world connection.

Linkedin Planner Tool

Messaging on LinkedIn was increasing in use, with the firm last year reporting that a 60% increase in messages delivered on the platform, year-on calendar year. Catering to this, LinkedIn has added in a wide range of messaging tools, such as expanded message composition, the capability add various types of attachments and a GIF library to spice up your interactions.

However, seeing this new function, it did remind me of another LinkedIn feature that never appears to have seen the light of the day. Back in 2016, LinkedIn temporarily showcased a coming @inbot system which would allow users to automatically schedule meetings by asking Inbot to search their Google Calendar and supply an adequate time. This was in the summit of Facebook’s bot push, having just launched its bot platform for Messenger, but seeing as bots never really seemed to obtain a pile of traction, it seems that LinkedIn has also put on hold its automated bot plan. That makes sense, but it’d were another handy addition along the same lines.

However, you do not need robots to do all of it for you – this new process is basically the same, however it provides you the option to opt for a relevant time. Utilize it as a position against the gradual automation of all things – robots will never change humans, because look, you are able to select your very own suggested meeting blocks. No robot can tell you what to do. LinkedIn’s new messaging tools are now readily available to all application users on Android, and are rolling out on iOS.

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