LinkedIn Rolls Out Redesign With Stories + More

LinkedIn is widely rolling out a refreshed design with new features including stories and improved search results page.

LinkedIn is unveiling a redesign which comes along with an improved search experience, along with stories and new messaging features.

Now at 706 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has seen a 50% increase in content shared year-over-year.

With new signups and engagement growing at unprecedented rates, LinkedIn is rolling out a brand new look and experiences to help foster human connections.

Today, LinkedIn is introducing:

  • A refreshed design
  • Streamlined search results page
  • LinkedIn Stories
  • New messaging features
  • Here’s more detail about each of those updates.

A New Look for LinkedIn


LinkedIn is unveiling a brand new look which is said to bring the evolution of the LinkedIn brand to its members and products.
What you’ll instantly notice is a greater focus around human connection, and a lot less “LinkedIn blue.”

Now, LinkedIn has a warmer feel that’s deigned to representing the diversity, inclusivity, and welcoming nature of its community.

It’s simple, modern, and intuitively structured for easier navigation and discovery.

Improvements to Search Results

With the new design for LinkedIn, its search experience is being completely relaunched and streamlined.
Search results page will now cover every aspect of LinkedIn. Which means users can search for more than just people and jobs.

Users could now use the search bar to find relevant groups, events, and content.

There’s much more content to be found across LinkedIn, the company notes.

With a 50% increase in content creation over the past year, LinkedIn members are posting more status updates, articles, and videos.

Now it may all be found with one streamlined search experience.

Introducing LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories, that has been in testing since Feb, is now launching in the United States and Canada with a global rollout to come in the following weeks.

Stories allow LinkedIn members to share professional moments in a more humanized and light-weight way.
Anybody who uses Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat is familiar with stories – but LinkedIn’s version offers something different.

as opposed to simply capturing a quick moment from the work day, LinkedIn wants its stories to spark conversations.

To accomplish that, LinkedIn stories is integrating these distinctive tools:

  • Question of the Day: LinkedIn will pose a question of the day to all users which they can respond to with a story.
  • Localized Stickers: In each region, LinkedIn may have distinctive stickers that users can add to their stories.

Apart from those features, LinkedIn stories are nearly identical to stories on other platforms.

Some suggestions of things LinkedIn users could post stories about include:

  • Things you do at work
  • Things relevant to your work
  • Things you do outside of work

Updates to LinkedIn Messaging

The amount of private messages sent between LinkedIn members has a lot more than quadrupled over the past five years.

To continue the momentum, LinkedIn is introducing a wide range of new messaging features:

  • Manage in Bulk: Select multiple messages to archive, delete, or mark as read.
  • Edit/Delete: Edit or delete a message after it has been sent.
  • Emoji Reactions: Quickly react to messages with an emoji.
  • Video Meeting: Switch the conversation from chat to face-to-face using Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, or Zoom.