Content isn’t just king, it’s the kingdom itself

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

Time and again, we see examples of marketers who complain about the failure of their social media campaign. In spite of doing everything possible to come up with a successful promotion plan, there is that hidden hole which they fail to fill, hence being unable to achieve the expected results.

The reason for the above can be attributed to many factors, namely the untimely planning, improper execution, failure to meet deadlines, not measuring the results, etc. However, according to the best SEO experts, amidst all these obvious factors, there lies a factor as crucial as the very soul of the entire campaign, and that is some awesome, impactful content.

Let us try and draw an analogy between this. Imagine you are dining at an eminent restaurant and as soon as the food arrives, you find it poorly presented. Okay, still. The taste might be good; after all, you are dining at a prominent place in town! With these thoughts in mind, you take the first morsel of food in your mouth. That’s when your senses pinch you…the food is completely tasteless, lifeless.

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

Such is the case of a social media campaign without the backing of some out-of-the-box content. The reason is simple: content tells stories and stories directly connect with the readers. If you ask a consumer what is that one thing that will persuade him to buy from you, he’ll say something that makes a difference in his life, something that he can emotionally connect with. Any kind of content you deliver, be it images, audio, visuals, charts, blogs, texts, gifs, infographics…if you go out of the way to build a relationship with your consumers, no doubt you will be successful in turning him into your trustworthy client.

The sad part of the story is that even after knowing the benefits of great content, marketers seldom give importance to it. This negligence on their part takes a toll on their marketing strategy which otherwise is very attractive and glamorous, just like the food served at your favourite restaurant! But as already touched upon, if something would make the dish and your marketing strategy stand out, it is some savoury flavours and novel content respectively. When there is a proper balance maintained between the two, the ultimate outcome is unparalleled in terms of authenticity and attractiveness.

Digital agencies that hold expertise in handling the page ranking of websites unanimously point to the fact that the more diverse, fresh and niche content one provides, the better he is placed with respect to the competitors. All this said, doesn’t it make sense to say that content is not just king, it’s the kingdom itself? After all, what would you prefer – tasteless food or a savoury dish?