New Bing URL Inspection Tool


Bing has announced a new URL inspection tool. This tool provides actionable suggestions for how to make a page rank better. The tool provides actionable SEO information and feedback. It is designed to help pages rank better.

Provides Answers to Common Search engine optimization Issues

Bing’s new tool provides direct answers and data which not only will help diagnose indexing problems but supplies data for solving the issues as well.
What’s notable about the tool is that it’s designed to resolve Search engine optimization associated troubles. Similar to the indexing solutions.

Bing will also give suggestions on the best way to improve Search engine optimization associated troubles.

In addition, the tool can inspect a URL and give feedback on it for indexing, Search engine optimization and markup associated topics while perhaps not indexing it.

Meaning, as long as URL can be crawled, a URL can be in a staging environment and submitted for testing without having it resized.

Crawling, Indexing, Search engine optimization Problems

The URL inspection tool provides detailed particulars about!

  • Crawling issues
  • Indexing status
  • Search engine optimization errors
  • Structured markup information

According to Bing

Index details

This card shows the index status and particulars about the URL. It includes details on each step. Where and when the URL was detected, crawled and indexed with the option to see a HTML format and HTTP response details of the same.

Search engine optimization particulars

This section provides information … on Search engine optimization based errors and warnings on their webpage. With roughly 15 Search engine optimization best practices in place… detailed analysis of the errors and highlights the corresponding in-code HTML and measures on the best way to fix them.

MarkUp details

Checks the availability and implementation of selected structured MarkUp languages…

Live Checks

Frequently webmasters would like to determine if a page on their site can be crawled or not without asking it for index. This feature panders to that and can be particularly helpful in investigating content when their site can have been compromised and is for example sending different HTML to internet search engine crawlers compared to users. ”

Bing Provides Useful Search engine optimization Tools

Bing’s URL examination tool can help to address lots of Search engine optimization and specialized problems.

It joins a growing family of helpful Search engine optimization associated tools which are specifically made to assist pages rank better.

It’s promising to see just how Bing is embracing the online marketing community by providing these helpful tools.

Search doesn’t happen in isolation. It’s a partnership between search engines and the sites they rank in the search results page.

Tools like this demonstrate Bing’s dedication to the online search ecosystem.


Read the official Bing announcement:

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