SEO trends for 2020

seo trends

Local searches are currently gaining momentum, and therefore should neighborhood SEO. A number of searches are linked to local questions, like the ones which include close, or closest.

seo trends

It is about featured snippets. Google has been developing this function SERP; and today less than 50% of Google searches have been reported to result in a click. This feature is convenient for consumers; but website owners should be well aware of the cons and pros of making it into the featured snippet.

Voice Search

Voice search is not going anywhere, with the share of voice requests constantly increasing. And if there is no unanimous opinion on the exact share of voice search, specialists agree it’s increasing.

Google Business Listing

With regards to optimizing for voice search; again, it’s on featured snippets, along with identifying user optimizing and purpose to get conversational keywords. Long tail keywords, questions, neighborhood search requests, all of these are characteristic of voice queries. Local searches are currently gaining momentum, and therefore should neighborhood SEO. Considerable number of searches are linked to local questions; like the ones which include close , or closest. Site owners need to make sure they rank high enough at the neighborhood pack by setting up

  • a Google My Business page
  • creating a profile of locally back-links
  • ensuring the web site is friendly.

More elaborate machine learning mechanisms introduced by Google. In an effort to spot the search purpose behind complex or very conversational questions; Google keeps improving its machine learning algorithms. During introducing a neural network based technique named BERT at 2018. Google aimed to examine search purpose deeper by grasping the complete context of the question to provide more relevant results. At a sense, this implies that algorithms require you to produce high excellent content rather than aim for ranking without identifying the initial intent of the user.


Videos will be on the upswing. 80% of all on-line traffic is likely to be generated by video from 2021. Video content is experiencing exponential growth, with lots of users preferring videos over text and picture content. Implementing videos is now becoming a Search engine optimization strategy requirement for 2020. So grow your YouTube station or embed video content in your text content. Do not forget to optimize the video to Search engine optimization. A proper description, headline and labels must be used with the captions.