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AI SEO 6 Ways to Use AI to Improve Your Website

Given that you understand what AI is and how AI SEO may impact your site; let’s look at many ways you can use AI Search engine optimization to keep up 

Opportunity Discovery With AI SEO 

Possibly the most crucial aspects of Search engine optimization is finding hidden ranking chances that haven’t been exploited. 

That’s one of the areas AI SEO is proving to be effective in assisting boost your site ’s rankings. Powerful AI-powered Search engine optimization tools have emerged in the last few years, providing you more in depth insight into: 

  • Keywords you ought to be targeting 
  • Link building opportunities 

These along with other tips which you might get from AI-powered Search engine optimization software are critical to creating a content strategy that will exponentially boost your site ’s Search engine optimization. 

With the competition to rank becoming fiercer by the day; you want to find key words, topic ideas, along with other Search engine optimization chances that aren’t too common. 

Find chances that your competition isn’t exploiting, and you’ll have a far better chance at ranking. 

Granted, locating these chances manually takes a great deal of imagination, time, and hard work. 

Nevertheless, with the aid of AI-powered SEO software, such as BrightEdge, you can uncover golden Search engine optimization chances faster. 

This is among the main reasons AI has to be a part of your Search engine optimization strategy. 

Content Creation With AI SEO 

Discovering content chances is just a little part of the struggle to dominate the SERPs. 

Additionally you need to create content which hits the mark. 

This is where AI might help improve your Search engine optimization. 


Once you’ve used a tool such as BrightEdge to find key words; you might use AI to assist you know just what kind of content you should create. 

Once fed with your target keyword, AI-powered tools scour the internet for content created around this keyword. In a few seconds, you’ll find: 

  • Content gaps to exploit 
  • Trending topics 
  • The average number of sections to add 

With insights such as these; it becomes easier to create content tailored to address certain problems to your audience. In a nutshell, personalized content which matches consumer intent. 

Not just that; but AI might help you ensure that the content you create is applicable for every stage of your funnel. 

Content creation is no longer just about creating low quality content which ranks. It’s about creating content that users will find helpful. 

And that’s exactly what AI will assist you do. 

Content Optimization With AI SEO 

For very long time, content optimization has been about keywords, internal hyperlinks, back-links, along with other on-page Search engine optimization strategies. 

Those things still matter. 

But search engines now look at more than simply those indications. Search engines are getting better at figuring out just what searcher’s purpose is while searching. 

How can you optimize your content to your user intent? 

You guessed it — with the help of AI. 

AI SEO tools assist you: 

  • Create topic clusters which answer user questions and rank 
  • Know the best Amount of content on your given topic 
  • Use key words and LSI keywords correctly 


What is AI SEO, and how can you use it to improve your website?

With AI; you can optimize your content to meet Google’s E.A.T standards found within their search quality raters, guidelines. You may produce content that expertly answers user queries authoritatively. And that’s the type of content Google loves to serve its customers. 

But AI doesn’t wind at assisting optimize content for search engines. AI-powered writing tools such as Atomic Attain and Grammarly (among a slew of others) also help ensure your writing makes for a pleasant read. 

This also helps increase dwell time, another factor that indicates to search engines that your content is beneficial. 

The bottom line is AI may help you produce better optimized content that your readers will adore and participate with. 

Optimizing for Voice Search 

Among the fastest growing regions of search is voice search. 

With more individuals relying upon their voice-activated devices to search the world wide web; voice Search engine optimization (VSEO) became an aspect of Search engine optimization you can’t dismiss anymore. 

Just have a look at how fast the number of voice-activated assistants is climbing: 

ai seo voice assistants

Statista forecasts that the number of voice assistants worldwide will attain 8.4 billion in the next few years. That is more than the planet ’s population. 

Most voice searches are in the shape of questions; therefore one of the main ways to optimize for VSEO is by answering the questions individuals are asking. 

This is where AI tools come into play. 

For instance, tools such as Frase help you produce VSEO optimized content by showing you the questions searchers are asking. You may then produce content around these questions. 

Another aspect of voice search is that it’s conversational. This is where AI principles such as NLP come into play. 

AI-powered content tools such as Grammarly and Hemmingway may help you produce more conversational content by advocating tone changes and highlighting hard to read passages. 

The one thing to note about VSEO is that it’s hyper-competitive. That’s because voice assistants only give one answer — the one right on top of the SERPs. 

This means you’ve to pull out all the stops to ensure you rank well for VSEO. 

Scale Your SEO

An important part of Search engine optimization is tedious manual labor that has made it hard for entrepreneurs to achieve results rapidly. 

AI has changed that. 

AI-powered tools have taken many of the grunt work out of Search engine optimization by gathering data; assessing it, and translating it into actionable steps, 

More than that, however, you’ll find that artificial intelligence Search engine optimization applications; such as Alli AI, may assist with your technical Search engine optimization as well. For instance, it may assist you! 

  • Conduct web site audits 
  • Automatically optimize content 
  • Fix duplicate content problems 

On the on-page Search engine optimization front; AI Search engine optimization applications may help you scale your content creation by assessing top-performing content. The program can then help you produce content plans and briefs for optimized content. 

Consequently, you may rapidly scale your Search engine optimization attempts — without overworking your own team. 

AI may take over the laborious, mundane, and time-consuming (and sometimes soul-sucking) aspects of Search engine optimization. This may free up your team to do other stuff which need human attention.

User Experience

Remember – Google’s (along with other search engines) primary focus is the user.

This means user experience (UX) is a crucial element of Search engine optimization.

That’s probably why, in a rare announcement. Google let people know that page experience will be a significant ranking factor beginning from the year 2021.

But what’s page experience?

According to Google; page experience is a set of signals that measure a user’s satisfaction; (or lack of it) when interacting with a webpage. This goes beyond the page’s informational value.

It can take into account the overall UX the page provides.

Obviously, pages with negative user experience won’t rank and those that offer users a positive user experience.

Where does AI come into play here?

With search engines thinking more like real human users; they can determine whether your page will provide users a positive UX or not.

This means when a user inputs a web search query; search engines want to ensure they serve up

  • Relevant and authoritative content
  • Proper Page structure
  • Pages with easy navigation
  • Pages that load fast
  • Mobile-friendly websites

If users can enjoy a personalized experience on your web site; this will increase dwell time and encourage sharing your content. Both are signals to search engines that your content is worth ranking higher on SERPs.

Today’s AI-powered Search engine optimization tools, like Market Brew; can mimic search engines and give recommendations on what you may do to improve your website’s UX.

Consequently, you don’t have to guess whether the SEO gods will smile on your web site with favor or not. You can know exactly what pleases them (to a greater degree) and implement that on your web site.


Ready or not, the future of Search engine optimization is here.

And it’s just two words – artificial intelligence.

By marrying both of these disciplines; you may create a robust Search engine optimization strategy that’s bound to get you noticed.

Have you embraced the power of AI Search engine optimization yet?

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